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Wes Spratlin, Learning Support
English & Reading
(931) 393-1537
Simon Hall 110

Sandra Arman, Learning Support
Mathematics Dept
(931) 393-1714
Simon Hall 209

Learning Support

The purpose of the Learning Support program is to identify students who are underprepared for college-level studies and to prepare them for entry into that curriculum.  The needed skills in mathematics, reading, and writing are divided into learning modules and are presented in a computer-assisted, instructor-facilitated laboratory environment.  The course work is designed to allow students to work independently and to complete only the modules needed to satisfy their identified weaknesses.

Motlow College is currently transitioning to the learning support courses with full implementation to be completed by fall 2013.  As Motlow College moves to this new delivery methodology, some campuses will still offer developmental studies courses.  It is imperative that students speak with an advisor prior to enrolling to ensure correct placement.

Students enrolled in Learning Support Math, MATH 0810, and Reading, READ 0810, work at their own pace to complete exams and activities demonstrating their abilities. In Learning Support Writing, ENGL 0810, students must complete their individual study plan and show competence in writing two assigned essays. How long the courses take to complete is based on the students' time and effort invested in working through the courses.

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